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Torva Nex Closing

Torva Nex has been around since the launch of SWTOR in 2011. We were the best raiders Jedi Covenant had to offer. I wasn't around it witness everything but let me just list some of the many amazing accomplishments this guild has achieved. UWAT taking down Brontes and Council with Nightmare power. Multiple teams taking down Revan and going 10/10 in 3.0. Killing Revan with only 7 people and then doing sales runs for it.

Torva Nex had a reputation of being the best. At the same time we were helpful with our community datacron event which thanks to the help of the Torva community helped out countless people. Our renouned sales teams which raised so much money repairs were always available and had a steller reputaion.

It was the lack of content that has finally closed Torva Nex's doors as all leadership has quit. 4.0 brought no new raids and best gear was obtainable only in selected HM operations each week. As the unofficial last GM I would like to thank all officers current and old for their contribution towards Torva Nex. I would like to thank all raid leaders for their work to lead and coordinate operations for teams. I would like to thank all our raiders and members for their amazing achievements and controbutions to making Torva Nex the best guild on the server.

This is Monk signing off. Goodbye Torva Nex. It was fun.

SWTOR and Torva Nex related news!

HM Revan 7-Man Kill

Normandi A posted Aug 27, 15

This also means we are now offering sales runs for HM Revan.  I have updated the Application and will do so for our thread on the SWTOR forums as well.  This was a ton of fun.  Thanks to you all for humoring me :)

IWG WeaponX Von Awesome run all, WTG
Phramed Nice work guys!
Xeen A Folks in the guild should really watch this. It's amazing to see these players take down the hardest boss in the ga...

TOS HM - Revan (#5)  Sunday, August 2nd

Victorious Secret drops the final HM boss before 4.0 releases.  Enjoy!

Sivron Monk is gonna be pissed. That excited scream was the best part (other than the kill). Grats guys

Torva Nex Revan Kill

Snuggle A posted May 31, 15

Bedpan Revan Kill!

See link below for a larger view. 

Team Bedpan Revan Kill

John Smith Congratulations Bedpan! You are all awesome! The picture is very, very nice!
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